The National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NAPSA) began offering a certification program for professionals working in the area of Pretrial Services in 2006. Since that time, several Florida Pretrial Services agencies applied to NAPSA to take the examination in order to obtain certification CPSP (Certified Pretrial Services Professional) status. Florida is leading the way with the number of pretrial practitioners passing the examination. CPSP Certification consists of various levels with increasing education, training, and job requirements. Persons obtaining Level One Certification demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the pretrial movement and the history upon which pretrial justice is based. This is the only nationally recognized pretrial certification program of its kind in the Unites States.

The examination includes general legal methodology, court issues and practices specific to the pretrial area of Criminal Justice. The Certified Pretrial Services Professional Certification is a three tiered program which provides individuals with the opportunity to attain and be certified at varying levels of expertise that is recognized by the National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies. The certification program increases credibility; promotes leadership; and provides opportunity to attain a higher level of expertise in our field. Sustaining this credential in conjunction with accreditation will provide pretrial practitioners in Florida an opportunity to be recognized as achieving a measure of professional advancement among our peers as well as in the pretrial professional community.

NAPSA is also offering a Level One diversion certification test for pretrial diversion practitioners or those interested in being certified as pretrial diversion professionals.

Visit https://napsa.org/ for additional information.