Pretrial Risk Assessment Explained

There are many different risk assessment tools, used at various points in the criminal justice system including during bail hearings, sentencing, probation determinations and parole decisions. Source: Pretrial Risk Assessment Explained

A Call for Reforming the Nation’s Costly Pretrial Detention System

Offering judges a more scientific basis for deciding who can be released before trial was among the suggestions for changing the $9 billion jail system at a blue-ribbon conference in Washington, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder… Read the rest here

Most non-violent offenders awaiting trial could be supervised at home

Most non-violent offenders awaiting trial could be supervised at home instead of being placed in jail without endangering the community, Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday. Holder, speaking at the National Symposium on Pretrial Justice, said many Americans accused of nonviolent or petty offenses remain in jail before trial simply because they cannot afford to […]

Volusia resolution opposes state on changing pretrial services program

DELAND — This area’s top prosecutor, public defender, chief judge and sheriff all agree on at least one thing: The local pretrial services program works. “There’s no reason to change it,” Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson told the County Council on Thursday, speaking in support of Councilwoman Joie Alexander’s resolution to oppose any state changes […]

Pretrial program saves money and preserves families

By JOIE ALEXANDER, COMMUNITY VOICES As a member of the Volusia County Council, I have served on numerous committees over the years. Since 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of chairing the Public Safety Coordinating Council — a group that focuses much of its attention on our jail population. Part of what helps the county keep […]