Leadership Training Powerpoint

Hello below is the link for the Leadership training PowerPoint from 2/17/21: Supervisor Training Please let us know if you have any training requests or ideas for webinar training we can bring to the members. Thank you.


Hello APPF Members, Below is the new APPF regional directors map for 2021. There have been some changes so your regional director may have changed. We are looking for interested members in the Northwest region for the regional director position. Interested members should contact our President Katina Bouza or Vice President Sandra Keegan for further […]

Next Webinar Training’s and Annual Business Meeting News

Hello, our next APPF Webinar training titled Leadership Training will be on February 17th and with be instructed by our very own APPF President Katina Bouza. The final Webinar is on February,24th titled The Florida Risk Assessment Revalidation Project instructed by our very own APPF member Jeff Kilpatrick. During this training, we will also hold […]

APPF Webinar Training Tomorrow!

1st Webinar tomorrow  February 3rd. There is still time to register now! To register for webinar’s click here!    

Training Webinar February 2021 Announcement

Association of Pretrial Professionals of Florida Use the link below to register. Free to members of APPF. Click here to register!!