APPF History

APPF began as FAPSA (Florida Association of Pretrial Service Agencies) in 1989. The first meeting was held on July 31 through August 1 of that year. Twenty-seven people attended that first meeting, and the executive committee consisted of John DuPree, president; Bill Cross, Vice-President; Cynthia Morton, Secretary; Theresa Westerfield, Treasurer; Bill Wills, North Florida At Large; Roberto Rodriguez, Central Florida At Large; and Jack Santos, South Florida At Large.

Several Meetings were held that first year, and the first annual conference was held in January of 1990 in Orlando. Standards, Goals, a Mission Statement and Articles were drafted. The primary goal of the association was to provide the State of Florida with a network of competent, professionally administered pretrial services programs which would provide the courts with neutral, factual information to assist in the release decision-making process. Additionally, the interests of public safety would be served by the provision of appropriate

In 1992 the name FAPSA was changed to APPF due to a registration of the FAPSA name by a bondsman’s agency. APPF continues to be on the cutting edge of Pretrial Services in the State of Florida.

Past presidents of APPF include:

John Dupree, 1989-1992

Bill Cross, 1992-1994

Cyndi Morton, 1994-1996

Bill Wills, 1996-1998

Charlie Trotta, 1998-2000

Mike Rodriguez, 2000-2002

Jeff Kilpatrick, 2002-2010

Brian Brittain, 2011-2014

Sherry Munroe 2015-2019