Pretrial Release Citizens’ Right to Know Annual Report Reminder:

Just a reminder the deadline for reporting is approaching:

907.043(4)(a) No later than March 31 of every year, each pretrial release program must submit an annual report for the previous calendar year to the governing body and to the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the pretrial release program is located. The annual report must be readily accessible to the public.

(b) The annual report must contain, but need not be limited to:

1. The name, location, and funding sources of the pretrial release program, including the amount of public funds, if any, received by the pretrial release program.
2. The operating and capital budget of each pretrial release program receiving public funds.
3.a. The percentage of the pretrial release program’s total budget representing receipt of public funds.
b. The percentage of the total budget which is allocated to assisting defendants obtain release through a nonpublicly funded program.
c. The amount of fees paid by defendants to the pretrial release program.
4. The number of persons employed by the pretrial release program.
5. The number of defendants assessed and interviewed for pretrial release.
6. The number of defendants recommended for pretrial release.
7. The number of defendants for whom the pretrial release program recommended against nonsecured release.
8. The number of defendants granted nonsecured release after the pretrial release program recommended nonsecured release.
9. The number of defendants assessed and interviewed for pretrial release who were declared indigent by the court.

10. The name and case number of each person granted nonsecured release who:

a. Failed to attend a scheduled court appearance.
b. Was issued a warrant for failing to appear.
c. Was arrested for any offense while on release through the pretrial release program.
11. Any additional information deemed necessary by the governing body to assess the performance and cost efficiency of the pretrial release program.

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